Rider info

Zonta van den Goorbergh
Date of Birth:
01 Dec 2005
1m 54cm
Resides in:
Breda, Netherlands
Born in:
KTM RC 250 R
Rider since:

Rider bio


"I started with an electrical trial bike when I was three and moved to Motocross a few years after."


"Our garage was always filled with bikes as my nephews ride trials and my father did a lot of enduro riding as he competed in the Dakar Rallye every year for a few years."


"When I was younger I did not realise that my grandfather, uncle and my father have raced years ago! But it does explain how motorsports has always been a factor in our house."


"I started road racing after I had motocrossed for a few years, just because I wanted to give it a try and I did not stop since!"


"There is no way I could race without my family's support!! Especially my dad as he is my first coach, mechanic, driver etc. and my uncle now comes with us too when we go to the ETC as he can coach me whilst my dad then takes care of the bike. Also the support and input of my mother and sister are helpful."


"My mother helps with my training schedule, school planning and she helps my dad with all the bookings and extra administrative stuff. All in all we are a good team and we all can do what we are best at!"

"In a few years I hope I can say my father is my full time coach, my sister my media manager and my mother my general manager. For now my dad is self employed and my mother works as an office manager at Cloud.nl, an IT company focused on companies that are internet reliant."

My mum and my sister

"I have one sister, Quincy, she is 15 years old. She doesn't come to the races often but it is always fun when she is there!"


"When not racing I like to game with my friends but the best thing is to just play with them in real life. That might be playing on the Playstation too but then not online but sitting on the couch together! Playing together in real life is not always easy as we are all busy with racing, with different calendars and because they live all over Holland and Belgium! Thankfully we often meet on the track!"

"To be honest, school is not my favorite thing to do... My favorite subject at school is gymnastics because I like to move!"


"2018 has been a major year full of learning moments."


"It was my second on the tarmac and my first year on a GRC150, after a year on a NSF100."


"In May we bought a Moto3 and we started training on bigger tracks. And that is what I learned in 2018; Riding on faster bikes like a Moto3!"


"What I want to achieve in racing? I want to be world champion in the MotoGP! I realize I still have a long way to get there and there will be lots of achievements before I get to that goal, the first one being to learn a lot in 2019!"


"Marc Marquez is my absolute racing hero because he is so fast. For Motocross I admire Jefrey Herlings, he also rides with number 84!"


"My best race was in Albecete 2018 at the European Talent Cup because I was 29th on the grid but during the race I overtook a lot of riders and was having a great time. That until I crashed whilst overtaking someone.... I lost a top 10 position then. So the race was good while it lasted, the result did not show how good I raced..."


"2019 is going to be a year full of new experiences. The bike, the GP tracks, the atmosphere, the crew, the traveling. With all that I expect to learn a lot and I focus on improving every race and I want to take that into 2020 as a Rookie."

"I don't have a favorite style of track or track yet. For 2019 the Red Bull Rookies Cup tracks will be new for me, except for Assen, and I am looking forward to all of them!"


"The most satisfaction in racing? For me that is a combo of on track and off track. On the track I love the speed and lean angle and I always enjoy the battles. I love the focus and how we are all working together to get to the best results. Off track I enjoy being with my racing friends talking about the races and spending time together, riding our bikes etc."

Zonta van den Goorbergh

Career Highlights


• 3rd 2race.be Moto4 Championship (Won all races contested)
• Track days,
• European Talent Cup Moto3 


• Motocross MON 65cc 'kleine wielen' (big wheel)
• 10th NSF100 Championship
• Marc Marquez Camp


• 5h Motocross MON 65cc 'kleine wielen' (small wheel)
• KNMV summercamp – first time on NSF


• Motocross KTM65cc 'kleine wielen' (small wheel)


• Motocross KTM65cc 'kleine wielen' (small wheel)


• Motocross KTM65cc 'kleine wielen' (small wheel)


• Motocross KTM65cc 'kleine wielen' (small wheel)
•Trials Beta


• Motocross KTM65cc ''kleine wielen' (small wheel)
• Trials Oset


• Trials Oset


• Trials Oset