Rider info

Soma Görbe
Date of Birth:
18 Aug 2005
1m 68cm
Resides in:
Budapest, Hungary
Born in:
Budapest, Hungary
KTM RC 250 R
Rider since:

Rider bio

"My father builds custom motorbikes and I received my first bike at the age of three. That's how it all started. But I wasn't able to ride because I couldn't reach the brake levers so I had to wait until I could easily reach it."

"When I turned 5 years old I was able to try it."

First steps with my father's intructions

"It was just amazing from that moment I really started to love riding because you just feel that you're so free like a bird."

"That is how it all started."

CIV junior championship 2017

"Let me introduce my family."

"In my father's workshop he builds Harley-Davidsons, he is a member of the International Master Bike Builder Association. My mother is an operating room assistant, I have a step-brother."

"Both of them helped me a lot during this journey, my dad is still a member of my management team and he is also my mechanic."

Northern Talent Cup first race Sachsenring

"Also many people have helped who are not in my family."

"Especially György Csépes, who is my mentor."

"In 2020 I started to use my mind more often than just my instincts that brought me even more good results."

Winning the Series 2 race at the 2nd ETC round at Valencia 2019

"My best race would definitely have to be one of the Northern Talent Cup races from 2020 in Hockenheim. I won two races there and also my pace was quite high all trough the weekend of the race."

"I prefer the fast flowing circuits and corners where I can overtake many times. These kind of tracks give my the most satisfaction."

"It's hard to put it into words what I love about racing but mostly the adrenalin and excitement of the battles with my competitions. Racing is an emotion of life to me I could not live without. Important to me to find the optimal setting of the bike with my crew. This is a team work what I really enjoy."

Lausitz-Ring 2020 NTC

"I think it is so important to have a personal life because sometimes you just need to turn off a bit and relax and enjoy the life."

"But I haven't got lot of time for it, because of the training."

"It is kind of the same as when your phone has no battery left it is same in the people's lives."

"Sometimes you need to connect up yourself to the charger to get some new energy."

Fit4Race training to improve the reaction time and concentrating

"For me it means to spend as much time with my friends as I can and explore the nature."

"My favourite subjects in school are PE and English."

My other passion: road cycling

"I'm a bit cycling addicted, I'm a Hungarian National Team road cyclist. I love cycling a lot, like Aleix Espargaró."

"I think if I work so hard and fight for my dreams, I can achieve something extraordinary."

2019 ETC

"For my first Rookies season, besides learning and improving my skills I would like to finish the races in point scoring places."

"Eventually I want to to become a world champion one day, Marc Marquez has always been my hero."

Career Highlights


• 1st Northern Talent Cup (KTM)


• 1st European Talent Cup Valencia 2 - Series 2 race


• 17th Albacete European Talent Cup race


• 7th CIV Ohvale 160 championship, two podiums


• 4th CNV Superfinale, Rookies


• 2nd Czech international championship Minigp-Pro category 


• 2nd International Youth Rookies Championship Cup


• 2nd International Junior Championship


• 1st Hungarian championship 50 cc automatic category