Rider info

Martin Vugrinec
Date of Birth:
24 Mar 1999
1m 68 cm
Resides in:
Novi Marof, Croatia
Born in:
Varaždin, Croatia
KTM RC 250 R

Rider bio

"Motorcycles are a big part of my life, I knew how to ride a motorcycle before I learnt how to ride a bicycle. My dad and I also tried go-karts because at 5 I was too young for motor races and near our house a race track opened. But the motorcycle races were what I wanted to do, so we continued in that way. As soon I was old enough I started to race at the strongest competitions in my area. I have always stood out, mainly I was winning and making track records in my class. We made some awesome results and decided to apply for the Rookies Cup."

"My father is a big lover in motorsport and his whole life is connected with races. He was competing for a long time in 600 and 1000 classes with good results. He is a legend in this area for motorsport racers and fans," explains Martin.

Not surprisingly his dad has played a huge part in his development. "My Father was a motorcycle racer and since I was born he was taking me to races. All about my life with bikes is connected with my father. For me he is a trainer, mechanics, manager, everything... He likes to say that we are the team, I wouldn't be so good without him and neither would he make such good results with some other kid. He is also my mechanic helper in Rookies Cup. I have to mention that he was never forced me in my motor career, he only support me in my wishes. When I started to make some serious results he turned his life to enable me to race."

Asked to think of his best race Martin has to go for two. "They both are same importance and are completely different so I will describe both of them.

"First: 600 SBKS Vršac airport, Serbia, Serbian championship 2014. Pole position. With an old (2007) Suzuki completely stock and uncompetitive against some top race bikes and with experienced riders I made best lap time in the race, pole position, gave an attractive ride with a lot of overtaking, because they were passing me on the straights, and I was giving back in corners and on the brakes."

"The whole time I was holding 4000 people in tension. 50 meters before the end in the exit of the last turn of the last lap another racer crashed into me. I fall down and didn't finish the race. But I was the winner to me and to everybody."

"Second:125sp Novi Marof Racetrack, Croatia, Croatian championship 2014. Pole position, track record and victory. First race in my town, all my citizens and friends know about my accomplishments in motorsport, but they never saw it and now they all are here. My dad brought local TV and made a little spectacle."

"At the start I push hard, too hard, made a huge advantage and fell down on the second lap, everyone passed me. I needed about one minute to get up, start the engine and move on. The other competitors left me by half a lap. I had six more laps until the end. Knowing that rear tyre is not new, every corner that I passed I now I passed even faster, the rest of the race was over the limit. I overtook all of them and led the second guy by a half a lap. I won."

Martin is clear about where he is headed. "In the end I want to be a MotoGP World Champion, isn't that what we all want? But the first goal for now is to make good results in the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup and then progress into the Moto3 World championship."

"In 2014 I learnt that for winning the championship you don't really need to be the fastest guy, of course, the faster you are the chances for winning are bigger, but you have to be constant. Winning a race is not as important as winning a championship."

"For 2015 I want to be in a top 10 in the Rookies Cup and get familiar with the bike and all the tracks we will ride on. I hope I will make at least one podium."

He is also clear about the sort of circuit he enjoys: "I like the type of corners where you have to break really hard because I am very strong on braking and I also like long corners where I am touching the ground with my elbow on a very high speed, just love that feeling."

And clear about motivation. "Winning is why we all doing this, those hard battles and overtaking, the breaking, cornering... I love everything. That feeling when you realise that even the slightest mistake can result whit crash and you know that you are on the limit but you keep pushing, well that's what gives me the most satisfaction."

"Also I have been a part of many different racing teams, and I am happy when the team is happy."

Martin's heroes are Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo, at school he enjoys PE and Ethics, when he is not racing he likes Cycling, training in the gym and watching TV.

He sums himself up in his usual straightforward manner. "I am 15 year old teenager, excellent student, accepted in society, normal but different. I never had a best friend, always on the road, with other priority and goals, I live for motor races. That fulfils me. The entry into the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup is realisation of my plan about the way of the entry into MotoGP. From my point of view until now it was a mission impossible. Now the first step to realisation of my dreams, that is to be MotoGP World Champion has been made."

Career Highlights


2nd Serbian Championship 125SP (Aprilia 125RS)
3x 1st & 2x crash
3rd Serbian Championship 600SBKS (Suzuki GSXR 600)
1x 2nd 2x 3rd & 2x crash


1st East European Championship (Aprilia 125RS)
1st Serbian Championship (Aprilia 125RS)
1st Bulgarian Championship (Aprilia 125RS)
7x 1st 7x pole position 7x track record


2nd Serbian Championship (Aprilia 125RS)
4th East European Championship (Aprilia 125RS)
3x 1st 3x 2nd & 3x 3rd


3rd Croatian Championship (Aprilia 125RS)


Race Pos Pts
01 May 15 Circuito de Jerez, Spain QP 16
02 May 15 Circuito de Jerez, Spain RAC NC 0
03 May 15 Circuito de Jerez, Spain RAC2 20 0
25 Jun 15 TT Circuit Assen, Netherlands QP 20
26 Jun 15 TT Circuit Assen, Netherlands RAC 18 0
27 Jun 15 TT Circuit Assen, Netherlands RAC2 NC 0
10 Jul 15 Sachsenring, Germany QP 20
11 Jul 15 Sachsenring, Germany RAC 22 0
12 Jul 15 Sachsenring, Germany RAC2 14 2
14 Aug 15 Automotodrom Brno, Czech Republic QP 22
15 Aug 15 Automotodrom Brno, Czech Republic RAC 19 0
17 Aug 15 Automotodrom Brno, Czech Republic RAC2 15 1
28 Aug 15 Silverstone, United Kingdom QP 17
29 Aug 15 Silverstone, United Kingdom RAC 13 3
30 Aug 15 Silverstone, United Kingdom RAC2 12 4
11 Sep 15 Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli, Italy QP 16
12 Sep 15 Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli, Italy RAC 21 0
25 Sep 15 Motorland Aragon, Spain QP 20
26 Sep 15 Motorland Aragon, Spain RAC 13 3
28 Sep 15 Motorland Aragon, Spain RAC2 NC 0