Rider info

Marcos Uriarte
Date of Birth:
07 Dec 2004
1m 64cm
Resides in:
Santander, Cantabria, Spain
Born in:
Santander, Cantabria, Spain
KTM RC 250 R
Rider since:

Rider bio


"In fact, since I was born, It would have been impossible not to try riding motorbikes, Why? The answer is simple: in my father's house I was surrounded by motorbikes. When I was three my father gave me a motorbike (Yamaha TTR 50)."

"At 5, I drove a motocross bike (KTM 65) and I started competing. I still remember how it feels to ride bikes like this. After, I started to compete in speed tracks: minibikes, MiniGP 110, MiniGP 140 in "Cuna de Campeones" with Julián Miralles. In those days, I learned a lot and I managed to win several national championships. Now, I take part in European Talent Cup with MRE Talent Team with Javier Cobos."


"My father liked to show me the bikes or taking me riding. I really enjoyed it. He, Roberto, has played a big part in my career. He taught me to ride motorcycle when I was a child."


"When I was three my father gave me a motorbike (Yamaha TTR 50). At 5, I drove a motocross bike (KTM 65) and I started competing. I still remember how it feels to ride motorbikes like this."


"After, I started to compete on road race tracks: minibikes, MiniGP 110, MiniGP 140 in "Cuna de Campeones" with Julián Miralles."


"In those days, I managed to win several national championships and, when I was 7, I was the youngest rider to win a race in 110cc (Mora d'Ebre, Catalonia)."


"Those years were just wonderful. I learned a lot and it was a great experience."


I" had to travel a lot to practice because in my province and surroundings there are no speed tracks. But I didn't care, the important thing to me, was to enjoy riding motorbikes."


"I have shared many hours on the highway with my dad, he has played a big part in my career. Now, he takes me to train motorbike and to the races. The rest of my family help me to other things: they take me to the gym, to go to my English classes... They help me with whatever I need. I have a sister. Her name is Iris and she is 9 years old. My Father is self-employed and my mother works in a supermarket"


"In 2015, during my last year in MiniGP140, I had the chance to participate in the Spanish Motorcycling Speed Championship (CEV), at the Ricardo Tormo Speedway Circuit (Valencia). I managed the 5th place in 80cc 2T."

"In the same year, I was selected to participate in Allianz Junior Motor Camp, a campus organised by Marc Marquez in Rufea (Lleida, Spain). I spent some days with 20 children of several countries: Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Netherlands and Brazil. It was very important to me and very exciting because Marc is my favourite rider."


"In 2017, I took part in the first edition of the Spanish Hawkers Riders Cup and I won the competition. I obtained 7 victories and 10 podiums in 12 races."


"Besides that year, I collaborated in the develop of a new 85 2T bike from Corse Factory, racing in Spanish CEV Championship, working hard all the team to improve a new class bike. Our best result, was a second place in Alcarrás event."


"In 2018, I took part in European Talent Cup with MRE Talent Team lead by Javier Cobos. At the beginning of the season, I hurt my knee in a motocross training and it took me five months to recover. Nevertheless, I have been very close to get the podium in three races."

"I like big and fast circuits. My favourite circuit is Motorland Aragon in Spain."


"This year I am studying the third course of Secondary school. I have little time, but I bear it well. My favourite subject is Maths, but I don't know what I am going to study when I grow up. Now, my dream is to be a professional rider in MotoGP."

"My favourite subject at school is maths, When I have free time I like riding a bicycle with friends. My hero is Marc Marquez."

"My expectations of 2019 are to gain experience, improve my English level, know other countries and cultures... and, of course, to work a lot to do my best at the Red Bull Rookies Cup," he enthused before his debut season.

Though he had pace right from the begining in the Cup, it was certainly a learning year. "I understood how to ride the KTM to go faster and also I learnt to manage the races, It was so difficult because the groups are large."

Explaining Rookies Cup to the viewers

"My best race of 2019 was in Motorland, the last race of the season. There, I made one more step with the KTM. I had a good rhythm on the track and I obtained the pole position."

Getting it all together at Motorland

"I started very motivated in the 1st race, but I made a mistake and I fell down. In the 2nd race I was very determined to manage the race correctly and not to make mistakes as in the 1st race."

On the podium, Aragón 2019

"Finally, I finished in 3rd. It was my first podium in the Rookies Cup, it was very exciting!"

Going for it in 2020

"My best race in the 2020 season was the Race 1 in the second weekend in Valencia. It was a very competitive race in which I have been fighting in the leading pack. At the end, I finished fourth."

Valencia 2 2020

"In 2020, I have evolved as a rider and as a person and I have improved in my driving and my attitude."


"My goal in 2021 is trying to win the Red Bull Rookies Cup."

Marcos Uriarte

Career Highlights


• 12th Red Bull Rookies Cup, best result 4th in Valencia 2 Race 1. It should have been his season, he was very quick in 2019 but in 2020 the pace was faster and he was not the only rider to be shocked by that. By the end of the year he was fighting at the front again with thoughts of success in 2021.


• 10th Red Bull Rookies Cup, best result 3rd in Motorland Aragón Race 2. Fast from the start of the season and always well in the hunt for good points he also made mistakes, as he did, falling in Aragón 1. He was close to the podium earlier in the year, 4th in Assen 1 and 5th in Misano. The speed was never in doubt, if he can add consistancy in 2020 he has a shot at the title.


• 22nd European Talent Cup


• 1st Hawkers Riders Cup
• 2nd at Alcarrás.Spanish Championship round CEV - 85cc 2T


• 5th Spanish Championship CEV 80cc 2T


• 1st place at Alcarrás MiniGP 140 cc 4T – Promovelocidad.
• Debut in Spanish Championship CEV at Ricardo Tormo Circuit (Valencia): 5th in 80cc 2T.


• 1st Castilla y León Championship.MiniGP 140 cc 4T – 
• 5th National Championship Cuna de Campeones MiniGP 140 cc 4T – 6 x 1st


• 1st Castilla y León Championship MiniGP 110cc 4T 
• 1st Catalonia and Aragón Championship. MiniGP 110cc 4T
• 9th National Championship Cuna de Campeones. MiniGP 110cc 4T - 7 x 1st(110cc 4T).


• 1st Castilla y León Championship MiniGP 110cc 4T
• 7th National Championship Bankia MiniGP 110cc 4T - 5 x 1st 
At 7, the youngest rider to win a race in 110cc (Mora d'Ebre, Catalonia)