Rider info

Hanro Van Rooyen
Date of Birth:
22 May 2000
1m 58cm / 5ft 2in
47kg / 103lb
Resides in:
Pretoria, South Africa
Born in:
Pretoria, South Africa

Rider bio

Not an unusual story, Hanro's racing start. "My Father was racing for 4 years in our Superbike Regional events from 1998 to 2003 and when he stopped (my Mom said he must, when my brother was born) I was just big enough to start riding a JP50 quad bike that my Dad bought me. I guess we can say 'Like father like son', we always went riding on my Fathers Yamaha R1 & Bombardier DS650 and my grandfathers Kawasaki Z1R. When my Father stopped racing he sponsored other riders and we always went together to the racing events, that is where my interest started, I have been surrounded by motorcycles since I can remember."

He already has a good deal of great memories, like his favourite race. "My second year in the CBR150 Cup, the last race of the 2011 season. I only needed to finish the race to secure the championship, but I won the race by a 31sec lead... " And last year. "The last race of the season at Red Star Raceway. I missed out on four races for the season, two being overseas for the Red Bull Rookies Cup Selection. I had to win to gain maximum points to win the championship. Going into the last lap I was in third position, the only chance I had to make a move was on the second last corner. I planned it, made my move and overtook both riders to win the race on a high note and secure the championship with 11 points."

The family support has continued all the way through. "Besides my father who made this opportunity possible, my grandfather is one of my biggest supporters and only missed one race when he had a knee operation in November 2013. Otherwise my brother Rohan, who was racing in the NSF100 class, is my second biggest supporter, he is also a champion in his own class. My brother, 11years old, will compete this year in the CBR 150 Cup with my bike, while I will be competing in the Red Bull Rookies Cup. My Mother is always worried that I may get injured, but also gives me as much love and support as needed."

And going forward. "We had to make a serious decision for the 2014 season as far as my racing is concerned. Competing internationally is not only expensive but being overseas for most of the year have its consequences, I have to work for example extra hard with my school studies, but it can be overcome with hard work, lots of determination and having a vision and goals I have set for myself to become a MotoGP legend, like Valentino Rossi and Casey Stoner, that will be my driving force to achieve the ultimate level in my racing career. I also want to bring people closer together and build lasting relationships and make a difference."

As for the race tracks he is looking forward to, "Fast and flowing tracks, coming out of a long sweeping corner into a tight hairpin..."

Hanro is not afraid of hard work and put a lot of effort into school where his favourite subjects are, Nature Science, Technology and Mathematics. Away from the desk he is also giving it 100%. "I enjoy exercising and really can't have a day passing without, so apart from racing that is still the most favourite thing to on my list. Otherwise I enjoy my PlayStation (Especially MotoGP 2013), riding my mountain bike and improving my wheelie record and skills for example one hand & downhill wheelies without paddling using just my balance...

I love playing my acoustic & electric guitars and play the new music lessons from my teacher." Of course racing is a big focus and his heroes are Troy Baylis, Valentino Rossi, Casey Stoner and Marc Marques. He will putting that focus into the Rookies Cup for 2014 and knows what he wants to do. "To start my Rookies Cup career with flying colours, make use of every opportunity to gain as much as possible knowledge through every experience, learn the tracks and make new friends."

He is clear that winning is the main aim but not the only thing. "Definitely achieving not only my own goals, but also my teams and making my sponsors proud. See my friends and family being happy and enjoying the good moments together. Winning is not everything, it was good for me to get third places for example just to appreciate that number one spot on the podium so much more. The bike setup is always crucial I lost or crashed out of races due to tyre pressure not being spot on for example, it takes two to tango and the rider, bike setup is crucial to walk away as a winning team at the end of the season..."

"I want to set the bar high for myself and become a MotoGP legend, this can only be done having opportunities like being a Red Bull Rookie, making use of every moment and take nothing for granted."

Career Highlights


1st South African CBR150 Northern Regions Championship, Honda
13 x 1st


3rd South African CBR150 Northern Regions Championship, Honda
8 x 1st (Missed 5 of the 19 races) Competed in the Moto3 Championship but withdrew after a string of mechanical failures


1st South African CBR150 Northern Regions Championship, Honda
12 x 1st setting new lap records at Kyalami, Phakisa, Zwartkops and Red Star Raceway in both directions.
1st MRC Club Championship


Contested CBR 150 Northern Regions Championship, Honda
Achieved 2 top 10 finishes, and 6 top 5 finishes with a first place overall win at Kyalami.
1st MRC Club Championship


Focussed on school sports


Focussed on school sports


Competed in Idube, KwaZulu Natal in Minimotards and Racing 50cc placing on the podium in all races


Started racing in the Blata Cup and Minimotards achieving 1st and 2nd places all season
Started riding JP50 Quad bike and later KTM Pro Senior 50cc


Race Pos Pts
02 May 14 Jerez, Spain QP 24
03 May 14 Jerez, Spain RAC 19 0
04 May 14 Jerez, Spain RAC2 NC 0
30 May 14 Mugello, Italy QP 21
31 May 14 Mugello, Italy RAC 16 0
26 Jun 14 Assen, Netherlands QP 23
27 Jun 14 Assen, Netherlands RAC 14 2
28 Jun 14 Assen, Netherlands RAC2 NC 0
12 Jul 14 Sachsenring, Germany RAC NC 0
14 Jul 14 Sachsenring, Germany RAC2 16 0
15 Aug 14 Automotodrom Brno, Czech Republic QP 23
16 Aug 14 Automotodrom Brno, Czech Republic RAC 21 0
17 Aug 14 Automotodrom Brno, Czech Republic RAC2 19 0
26 Sep 14 Motorland Aragon, Spain QP 22
27 Sep 14 Motorland Aragon, Spain RAC 23 0
28 Sep 14 Motorland Aragon, Spain RAC2 NC 0