Rider info

Gabin Planques
Date of Birth:
01 Apr 2005
1m 60cm
Resides in:
Pollionnay near Lyon, France
Born in:
Ecully near Lyon, France
KTM RC 250 R
Rider since:

Rider bio


"The passion for biking has always been a family affair: in fact, my little brother of 11 years Guillem is also a rider! Every week end when I was 6 and 7, I "trained" with my father and a friend who was the same years that me, with my Cobra 50 and our fathers suggested wecparticipate in a race. My friend's father is a former rider of motocross."

"We were very happy, excited. We loved and the adventure started with motocross. Three years later, a son of a costumer of father's company offered us to try a road race motorcycle because he rides in the world endurance championship. I loved that too."

"My dad participed in some Formula Ford Historic events, my grandfather was a rally driver and competed for several years in French Championship."


"I have many passions, among them: fishing, diving, trials and mountain biking downhill, which I take it as an opportunity to relax in the forest and the mountains!"


"Whenever I have free time I like riding with my bicycle everyday BMX, in summer water activities, surf, scuba diving, in winter skiing with my brother Guillem."


"I started riding on 2 wheels with a bike and I participated in the 1st races of BMX in 2011. In 2012, first motorcycle session of MX with a 50 cm3 Cobra."


"My first races were in the Auvergne (France) championship in Endurokid and Masterkid. I managed to do several podiums."


"In 2013, I raced with a 65cc Cobra in the league championship and I still did BMX until I qualified for the finals of the French Championship in Serre Chevalier, Saint Maxime and indoor in Saint Etienne (2014 and 2015)."


"2014 was a turning point for me. I drove in 65 cm3 in MX. I did some league racing and started the speed bike with a 50cc GRC on kart circuits. I made several podiums in both championships."


"In 2015, I finished 3rd in the French Championship in 65cc, I participated in the championship power 25 (French Speed Championship) in V1 category, I was leading the championship but I decided to participate in the last 2 events of the Spanish Championship Challenge 80, which takes place on big circuits."


"In 2016, I participated in the Spanish speed championship in its entirety and I finished P6."


"In parallel, I went on a 85cc in MX and I participated in the French Championship Minivert."


"I participated at the Allianz Camp with Marc and Alex Marquez," explains Gabin. Marc Marquez and James Stewart are his heros and at school his favourite subject is English.


"The following year, in 2017, I got a new bike and went on a 85 Beon to participate in the Spanish Speed ​​Championship in its entirety even if I could not finish it."


"I take part in some races of the French Supermotard and the Superbiker at Mettet. My parents play a big part in my career and my brother too. The family life turn around the bikes. We participate in three championships: Supermotard in France (my brother and me, RFME Moto4 (my brother) and European Talent Cup in Spain. Every two weeks there is a race and the winter my dad organize the new championship, team, news bikes, mechanics, he is a corporate officer. My mother organize school, good food, she is a business accountant."

"For this moment is a good balance. Every monday I go at school, I m not a rider I'm a student. My grandparents are always on the tracks, I like their presence. My grandmother prepares my favourite food. I'm quiet with them."


"I continue cross training in parallel. My best race was in the French Championship with my 65cc bike in moto cross in 2015. After a good start, I had a good feeling, I jumped all the jumps and I overtook all the riders. I was with a fabulous rythm and easy. After this race I had confidence in myself. I understood that I also won."


"I like fast cambered corners. I have the feeling of to be on the "wire" when the bike drifts, like out of the last turn in Motorland Aragon."

"In 2018, I participated in the European Talent Cup. I finished P14 in Estoril (Portugal). My best race of the year, it is at Abacete in European Talent Cup. After a qualification very bad, 32 rd, I overtook riders after riders before the crash I was 9th. I crashed on the last lap. But it was a good race. I understood that I can do well and I had confidence."


"I learnt a lot during that year. I learned to fight with other riders neck to neck. The others riders are older than me, It is a very good experience for learning and for the future. I started to ride with a Moto3, I learned to handle power, and weight. On top of that, I drove in the Supermotard category S4.


"First all I love ride with all the bikes, MX, road race, trial. I work hard with my team for have the best bike, it is a job that not so much fun for me but after I can enjoy it when the bike is good. I think that if I take pleasure with my bike after then I will win."

"When I started the motocross, I did not think to try road racing bike but when I had the chance and descovered this discipline I really enjoyed it. I have as fun as much also with my motocross. That's why I continue motocross training and I am taking part some events in supermotard. This season promises to be thrilling!"

Gabin Planques

Career Highlights


• 36th European Talent Cup 14th Estoril (Honda 250)
• 7fth Championship Supermotard France Chpt S4 - 2x1st Bourg en Bresse, Magny Cours (Yamaha YZF85)


• 11thChampionship Supermotard France 2x 1st St Amand Montrond, Magny Cours (Yamaha YZF85)
• Chamionship RFME, Valencia 5th, Alcarras 3rd (RMU 80)


• 6th Championship RFME (RMU 80)
• 1st Championship Supermotard France (Yamaha YZF85)
• 6th Championship French Moto Cross (Yamaha YZF85)


• 3rd French Motocross Chamionship (Cobra 65)
• 1st Power 25 Chamionship (GRC 50)


• 9th French Motocross Championship (Cobra 65)


• 3rd Regional Motocross Chamionship (Cobra 65)


• 1st Regional Championship endurokidcross (Cobra 50)


• 1st Regional Championship endurokidcross (Cobra 50)