Rider info

Demis Mihaila
1m 58cm
Resides in:
Rome, Italy
Born in:
Rome, Italy
KTM RC 250 R
Rider since:

Rider bio

"I don't come from a Motorsport family so my passion for motorcycles was born by pure chance. In September 2012, when I was 4 years old, my father worked near a small circuit in Rome, the Torricola Team Racing. We went to see the minibikes and I gave it a try and immediately I loved it and eventually my father bought me a Chinese minibike."

Me and my father in Torricola Circuit (Rome) on 2012

"My family has always supported and encouraged me; my father dedicates his time to train me and follows me in all competitions. He is my point of reference, we review every end of the races together."

I won the trophy Marco Simoncelli in 2016

"My family makes many sacrifices to pursue my dream my passion. My father is a blacksmith. My mother works in an office and my brother Samuel, who is 17 is a student and they also follow me in the races when they can."

Me and my Dad in Imola 2020 where I won

"My Favourite subjects at school are english language and mathematics. I spend my little free time cycling and going to the gym."

"Since 2018 I have been part of the 'Pata Talenti Azzurri FMI' Project, a project of the Italian Motorcycle Federation aimed at young promises of Italian motorcycling that includes training and collegiate at the Federal Technical Center of Misano, with both theoretical and practical lessons on sports practices motorcycling. Speed on track, motocross, flat track and athletic training that includes both athletics exercises and bicycle training."

I won another race in Vallelunga in 2020

"My best race so far was the last race of Italian Championship minibike at San Mauro a Mare in October 2017 where on that occasion I was fighting for the championship victory. But I crashed, finishing in the last position, but with the concentration and the desire to win at the end of race I got to third position. It was a position that was enough for me to get points for the victory in the final championship."

"In 2020 I learned a lot especially in the wild card in Valencia with team Laglisse where I arrived in 16 position, it was a very hard- fought race, it was the first time I participated in a foreign championship and I was very satisfied with my results."

Vallelunga 2020

"My best race of 2020 was in the Imola circuit although I didn't start well as I was in sixth position but lap after lap I didn't give up, reaching the group of drivers who had 2/3 second ahead of me. In the end I managed to overtake everyone with 8/9 second advantage.2

"From this I understood that you should never give up until you get to the checkered flag."

Race 2 in Vallelunga and I won

"My heroes are Fabio Quartararo and Joan Mir. I would like to gain a lot of experience so as to participate in the World Championships and to win."

"The thing I like most about races is not only winning but also working in harmony with the team understanding mistakes together and where to improve."

Free-practice in Vallelunga 2020

"I like technical tracks like Imola. Also Kimiring where, however I have never had the pleasure of being able to run there."

"2021 will be a year of great emotions and results. I will participate for the first time in the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup where my goal will be to learn the new circuits and adapt to the KTM bike and reach the top ten at the end of championship and become rookies of the year."

"I will also participate in the CEV championship in the HETC category with the Laglisse team that will help me improve my skills."

Career Highlights


• 3rd Italian Championship PreMoto3 (Racetech 250)


• 3rd Italian Championship MiniGP 50 2T (RMU 50)


• Awarded the Bronze Metal of Athletic Valor by CONI
• 2nd Italian Championship MiniGP 50 2T (RMU 50)
• 2nd European Championship MiniGP 50 2T (RMU 50)


• 1st European Championship Minibike (DM)
• 1st Italian Championship Minibike Junior B (DM & ZPF)


• 1st "Marco Simoncelli Trofeo" (Phantom)
• 3rd Italian Championship Minibike Junior A (Phantom)


• In mid-September started to ride a Chinese minibike in the Torricola Circuit near Rome