Rider info

David Alonso
Date of Birth:
25 Apr 2006
1m 55cm
Resides in:
Torrejón del Rey, Guadalajara, Spain
Born in:
Santa Elena, Madrid, Spain
KTM RC 250 R
Rider since:

Rider bio

"I became interested in racing because since very little I always was interesting in motorbikes and I always saw the motorbikes in the TV with my parents. Then, I tried and I like it, so little by little I started to enter in this world, because I also like the environment, and started racing."

"My father, who works in dentistry my mother who is a paediatric dentist and my grandparents have played a big part of my career and they are still involved now. They fit very well into my Racing and they supported me in every race, going with me and help me in everything. They concentrate on me because I don't have any siblings."

"My best race ever was in 2018 in the CEV with the 85GP. It is my best race because in that race I realised that until you pass the flag nothing is decided."

"In that race the championship was on the line for me. I had to be in front of an opponent if I wanted a chance of winning the title. In that race my rival was very strong, he started from pole and had a good rhythm."

"I started a little further back, row 6, and at the start my clutch slipped and in the first corner there were only 6 riders behind me. Then I started to climb up and on the last lap I had to overtake two riders to be behind him."

"In the whole lap I could not overtake them. We reached the last corner and, at the last moment, I managed to get out of the curve ahead of those two riders, passed my opponent from his slipstream and won the race."

"In 2019 I learned that winning or being on the podium does not mean that you are doing everything right, that you can always improve."

"I have also learned that it is good to ride alone to find your rhythm, which then benefits you in the race," explains David who wants to follow his hero Marc Márquez.

At school he enjoys PE as well as physics and chemistry. "I like to train at all times but, if I don't have to train, I like to take the trial bike or watch documentaries on DAZN (Streams MotoGP in Spain) of different riders. Also, in winter, I really like to ski."

"In the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup my goal is to learn as much as possible, get to know the bike and improve race by race to renew another year."

"In the ETC, my goal is to be regular, try to be all the races in the highest positions and try to win the championship."

"So far my favourite track is Estoril. I prefer slow corners and twisty sections. I enjoy the challenge of bettering myself both on the bike, physically, and mentally and offer this great joy to all those around me as a gift for all their effort, work and sacrifice in every training and every race they do for me."

"Day by day I try to be a better rider but also a better person and that I will work to the maximum with diligence, enthusiasm and dedication to be able to do my best in this first year of the Red bull MotoGP Rookies Cup."

"Also, thanks to Kike Bañus (principal of all KSB sport schools), Nico Terol, Jorge Martínez Aspar, Gino Borsoi, Jose María and all the family of the Aspar team for being part of this great dream that I'm living."

The 2020 look

"My best race of 2020 was the last one in Valencia, despite the crash. I choose it as the best race because of the way I did the whole race. In this race I achieved the level to fight side by side with the others to be able to come back from positions behind and to be able to lead the race in a good way."

Leading Pedro Acosta in Valencia

"I also managed to drive my KTM the way I wanted and I felt very comfortable with it. I was in the group, then I went backwards, I went back to fighting in the front positions and I managed to prepare well for the last lap. It is the race that I enjoy the most."

Showing the way in Valencia

"In 2020 I learned many things, it was a year in which I have been able to be in the Hawkers European Talent Cup and in the Redbull Rookies Cup, and thanks to this I have been with pilots of a high level who have taught me many new things."

Winning in Motorland Aragón

"Also, in the FIM CEV Repsol series I learned how to manage a championship. And in the Red Bull Rookies Cup, I was able to improve my aggressiveness, my agility and speed to adapt to new circuits and a new bike and to manage a group race. But the most important thing I have learned is that I still have a lot to learn."

On it in Aragón

"My goal for 2021, in the FIM CEV, is to try to feel well at the Moto3 as soon as posible and to improve race by race and little by little to gain the level of that category."

Winning the ETC

"And in the Red Bull Rookies Cup, first improve my weak points from last year and try to be all races in the front group. And finally, learn the new circuits as quickly as possible and adapt quickly."

Career Highlights


• 4th Red Bull Rookies Cup, best results 1st, Aragón 2 Race 2, 1 x 2nd, 1 x 3rd, 5 x 4th. Fast from the start he was 4th in all 4 first races of the season. He looked likely to be 2nd in the title chase after his mid season win but late season incidents wrecked that, 2021 could be his year.
• 1st European Talent Cup.


• 5th in European Talent Cup (Honda NSF250) 2 x 2nd, 2 x 3rd


• 1st in the CEV Spanish Championship (RMU 85GP) 6 x 1st, 1 x 2nd


8th in the CEV Spanish championship (RMU 85GP) 2 x 4th


• 1st Madrid Championship of minispeed (minimoto 6.2) 4 x 1st and 2 x 2nd
• 1st Madrid championship of minispeed (minimotard Kawa 65cc) 5 x 1st and 1 x 2nd


• 1st Spanish Cup of minispeed (minimotard Kawa 65cc) 5 x 1st and 1 x 2nd


• 1st in the promo Racc-3 - Catalan championship of minispeed (moto 4.2 tire 5) 12 x 1st


• 2nd Motodes mini alevin A - Valencia championship of minispeed (minimoto 6.2) 8 x 2nd and 2 x 3nd
• 1st Madrid championship of minispeed (minimoto 4.2) 5 x 1st and 1 x 2nd