Rider info

Daijiro Sako
Date of Birth:
14 Jun 2004
1m 63cm
Resides in:
Gualba, Barcelona, Spain
Born in:
Mollet del Vallés, Barcelona, Spain
KTM RC 250 R
Rider since:

Rider bio


"First of all I will answer a question many people ask me: ´Why do you speak Spanish if you are Japanese?´"

"Well, I am Japanese, but I am also Spanish and I live and go to school in Spain, in a very small town named Gualba, near the mountains of Montseny in Catalonia. My father is Spanish and my mother is Japanese and Spanish and as you will have noticed, they love motorcycle and they called me Daijiro in honour of the late World Champion Daijiro Kato."

My first bike. You can see that my "leathers" were a costume of Valentino that Santa Claus brought me

"They have always been watching races on TV. When I was a baby they showed me lots of videos of Valentino Rossi. They bought me a bike when I was 3 and when I started to race at 6 I realised that that's what I want to do."

My first race, as a scholarship holder. I finished last, but that didn't discourage me

"My father never has been a racer but he has had always a bike and went to train to the circuits for hobby."

Metrakit 50cc, Calafat 2013

"At first, at the carting circuits, my father did almost everything; fixing the bike, teaching me, taking me to the circuits... Then, when I started to race at big circuits, he knew I needed a team with professional staff and he stepped into to the background, but always supporting me and accompanying. He still takes me to train every weekend and fixes my training bikes and he is my manager."

"He is also a builder and my mother looks after our home, she also has been accompanying us almost everywhere supporting us, fixing our meals, our beds, making our place comfortable."

"I have one younger brother named Hiroshi, 11 years old."

"Through the 2018 season I Especially improve in 4troke engine riding. In 2019 I wand to improve a lot, I would like to achieve a podium and I'm willing to know new circuits."

This is my 2018 PreMoto3

"I hope that my best races ever come from now on, but up to now, my best race was in 2016 at the Alcarrás circuit, with the 80cc bike when I got a second place after being in the last positions because of running off the track in the first lap."

"Of 2018 my best race was at the Aragon Circuit, taking a 4th place after a very tough fight in our group."

This is my old Conti 125cc 2 stroke whith which I go training. Althoug each time we have to tighten its screws, I have fun with it!

"It is the twisty circuits that excite me the most. I love to ride with a good feeling with the bike. I want to enjoy doing what I like, which is racing a I hope to follow my hero Marc Marquez. At school I enjoy PE and in my free time I love to play with my friends"

"My grandmother's dream is to see me racing at a Japanese circuit and she says that she will be alive till then. She is 81 years old and I wish I can fulfil her dream."

Daijiro Sako

Career Highlights


• 4th place Spanish PreMoto3 (Mir Racing)
1x1st, 2x4th, 2x5th, 2x6th, 1x7th


• Some races of Spanish Championship (RMU 85cc)
1x5th, 1x6th
• Some races of FIM-CEV European championship (ETC Honda)


3rd Spanish Championship (RMU 80cc)
4x2nd, 3x3rd, 1x4th


• 4th Catalan Cup (Metrakit miniGP70cc)
4x3rd, 3x4th, 1x5th, 2x6th


• 1st Spanish Cup (Metrakit miniGP70cc)
3x1st, 4x2nd, 3x3rd
• 8th Catalan Cup (Metrakit miniGP70cc)
1x4th, 2x5th, 3x6th, 2x8th, 2x9th


• 5th Catalan Cup (Metrakit miniGP50cc)
1x1st, 1x2nd, 4x3rd, 1x4th, 1x5th, 2x6th, 2x7th, 1x9th


• 11th Catalan Cup (GRC miniGP50cc)


• 5th scholarship Catalan Cup (Metrakit mini GP50cc)