Rider info

Collin Veijer
Date of Birth:
19 Feb 2005
1m 62cm
Resides in:
Staphorst, Netherlands
Born in:
 Meppel, Netherlands
KTM RC 250 R
Rider since:

Rider bio


"My father and uncles used to race but my father had to stop because of his work. My uncles continued and one of my uncles (Arno, who is also my rider coach) stopped later as well. My uncle Joan continued in the Dutch 600cc championship and after that he started in the Dutch 1000cc championship, so you could say that I come from a racing family."

"I liked racing bikes from the first moment I saw them, but I had to wait ... A lot of my family members raced motorbikes, so they took me with them many times."

"My father is also highly involved in my racing. He bought me a minibike on my 4th birthday, of course because he was involved in motorbike racing before and I am glad that he did it, because since that moment I am hooked, I liked it from the first moment. Together with my father and uncle we started in the national championships and after in the international championships as well. They have always been on my side since the beginning. My mother and sisters give me a lot of love when I'm back home."

"2011 my first proper race in a competition."

"My father is the owner of his own company where they mould and saw wooden products. My mother is working in a rehabilitation centre. I have 2 little sisters, their names are Yentl (14) and Lynn (10)."

"My sisters and I."

"2013 my first international podium. The RFME minibike BZM Cup."
"After the Spanish I went to CIV Italy for 2 years on my minibike, I became two times runner-up in the European championship."
"2016/2017 Next stop: MiniGP50 CIV Italy. In the championship I finished 7th and 5th. In 2017 I became European champion in this class."

"My best ever race was in Italy in the minigp 50 where I became European champion. Because I won all the races, it was the best feeling that I have ever got after a race weekend with a lot of pressure."
"2018 Pre Moto3 CIV Italy with team Speed UP. The first year on the big tracks. Finished 2nd in the championship with 4 podiums."

"My best race of 2018 was Misano because I won both races in that weekend. It also felt great because it was holiday time and there were a lot of people, Dutch people included. It felt fantastic that so many people showed up and I could win both races in front of them."

"2019: Moto3 CIV Italy with team Speed Up. Finished 5th in the championship with 2 podiums."

"In 2019 I learned to be quiet and calm in my head, and to be fully focused before and during the race weekend. For 2020, First of all, I want to learn the bike as soon as possible during the test. In the races I hope to score some points. My goal in the championship is top 15, but I want to work very hard to achieve more."

"Eventually I want to race in in the MotoGP class because it is the highest level in our sport," says the teen who's hero is Fabio Quartararo. His favourite subject at school is Physical education and when he is not racing he likes to train and play with his friends.

"I love racing, more than just the racing and winning it is the setting up of the bike, working with the team, getting the best out of the bike even if it is not possible to win. Everything needs to be (almost) perfect to win a race. That's why I became a motorbike racer, because everything around the rider is important to make a good job."

"Imola is my favourite circuit because there are a lot of elevation changes and the final chicane is very nice. That point on the track is the last chance to win the race, which is why it's my favourite chicane and track at the moment."

"The moment I received the invitation for the selection of the 2020 Red Bull Rookies Cup."

"I'm very happy and proud to be part of the Red Bull Rookies family and want to thank everyone again that has helped me to get this great opportunity in my career. It means a lot to me and I will give my all."

Essential social distancing in 2020

"I really enjoyed 2020, my first Rookies Cup season. Mentally I improved a lot. I learned how to stay calm and believe in myself even if things are not going well, accept a good result and avoid overdoing it and wanting too much. The mental part is very important in racing."

Rookies Cup 2020 - Up front in Aragón 2

"The best was the 2nd weekend in Aragón because I rode in the front group the whole time, fighting for the lead. After the 1stAragón weekend we didn't really change the bike setting, the improvement really came from me as rider and that's also why I'm so satisfied with this race. At some point I lead the race and that was a perfect feeling, so yeah it's clearly the 2nd weekend in Aragón."

Valencia 1 2020

"After a learning year, and I know it isn't easy, I want to fight in the top 5 in 2021. Some podiums must be the goal as well and a race win would be awesome."



Career Highlights


• 10th Red Bull Rookies Cup, best result 6th in Valencia 2 Races 1& 2. It was an excellent first season where Collin was scoring points from the start and improved through the year so that he was racing up front in the second half
• 16th European Talent Cup


• 5th CIV Moto3 (KTM RC 250 R) - 2x2nd


• 2nd CIV PreMoto3 (Speed Up KTM 250) 4 wins


• 1st European Championship MiniGP 50 - Won all races
• 5th CIV MiniGP 50, 5th 2 podiums
• Winner of the Ben Majoor Trophy (Awarded by the Dutch Federation for biggest talent under 21)


• 6th CIV MiniGP 50 - 1x3rd


• 7th CIV Minibike Junior B championship
• 1st Dutch Minibike Junior B championship
• 2nd European Minibike Junior B championship


• 7th CIV Minibike Junior B championship
• 2nd Dutch Minibike Junior B championship
• 2nd European Minibike Junior B championship


• 1st Dutch Junior A championship
• 3rd Spainish BZM Cup


• 3rd Dutch championship Junior A - first season


• First minibike races at the end of the Dutch season


• Practice with minibike