Rider info

Alex Escrig
Date of Birth:
21 Feb 2004
1m 63cm
Resides in:
Puçol, Valencia, Spain
Born in:
Puçol, Valencia, Spain
KTM RC 250 R
Rider since:

Rider bio


"My father liked MotoGP races and he bought his motorbike."

My passion with motorbikes since I was 3 years old

"Since I was four years old I was riding a bike because I saw my father's motorbike and I decided to begin in this sport."

Firsts race Liga interescuela 2010 Minimotos

"My close family stays with me in the good moments but especially in the worse moments so that their support helps me to never give up and keep pushing."

Albaida race Cuna de Campeones 2011 Minimotos

"My father is a builder and my mother and administrator. I have one sister that she is 19 years old, she is studying teaching. For me, my favourite subject as school is Maths."

My father, my best suport

"I would like to be a professional rider in MotoGP like my hero Marc Marquez. in 2018 I learnt to never give up and to keep pushing until the last corner."

Albaida race 2014 Motodes 65cc

When I am not racing I enjoy: Trainings days, waching MotoGP races, listening to music, snowboarding and riding my bicycle."


Alex has already had some great races

My best race ever

"My best race was in 2017 in Cheste, when I fought with a three opponents but with four laps to go an accident occurred that kept me from fighting for the podium."


Motorland training 2018 CEV

"My best race of 2018 was in Albacete because in the first lap a rider crashed in front of me so I had to dodge and I passed the corner on the outside of the track. For this reason I had to comeback 15 seconds to fight for the win in the last corner and I won."

Motorland race 2018 CEV

"For 2019, I want to learn the maximum from the other riders to improve my mistakes."

"I love the long corners to pass the most fast that you can but also I love a chicane because you have to work a lot if you want to pass fast and it's so difficult."

Training in Jerez 2018 CEV

"When I am fast in a circuit I enjoy a lot because I feel an adrenaline that is impossible to explain, then when I am doing a race I also feel that adrenaline because there are a lot of riders fighting for the same."

Traing in the dirt 2018

"2019 was a difficult season because at the beginning my feeling with the bike didn't be the best, so I think that for me, to learn things was the best season because I changed my riding style. Also I learnt to adapt quicker to different situations and tracks. From race to race I learnt and I would give my 100%, these things are the most important that I improved and learnt in my 2019 season."

Rookies Cup debut 2019

"I can't choose one favourite race from 2019 because there are different things in all my race that I liked. For example the 2nd one in Jerez, I did a good comeback and I had a very good pace but I didn't do a nice end."

Fast from the start in Jerez

"Then the first of Austria because I was all the time in the first group battling for the win but I did a mistake with 4 laps to go."

Finally getting it all right in Motorland 2019

"Not to forget Motorland, I achieved my first podium but I wasn't so proud because in the first part of the race I was absolutely lost, but then I did a great final, so I can't choose one because I'm not so proud of my first season in the Rookies Cup."

Looking for even more in 2020

"My goal for 2020 is to fight for the title and be as regular as I can, also achieve the most podiums and wins I can. So I have to train and think on that to achieve it."

Alex Escrig

Career Highlights


• 11th Red Bull Rookies Cup, best result 3rd in Motorland Aragón Race 1. Fast from the start of the season and always well in the hunt for good points he did not always get the result he was due at the end of the race. It was his first year and mistakes are expected, it finally came together for him in the last weekend of the season with the podium in Aragón. Now he knows that just being fast is not enough and is well capable of shifting up a geat and being a real contender in 2020.


• 3rd Campeonato España Velocidad PreMoto3 (Beon Yamaha 250)
1st Albacete, 2nd Barcelona, Albacete & Navarra & 3rd Barcelona


• 8th Campeonato España Velocidad PreMoto3 (Beon Yamaha 250)
2nd in Motorland


• 2nd Campeonato España Velocidad Challenger80 (RMU 80)
1st Barcelona, Jerez, Cheste, 2nd Albacete & Navarra, & 3rd Alcarras


• 2nd Campeonato España Velocidad Challenguer80 (RMU 80)
1st Navarra, 2nd Albacete, Cheste, & 3rd Motorland & Jerez


• 1st Campeonato Cuna de Campeones 140cc
• 1st Liga interescuela por equipos Minimotos y Kawasaki
• 2nd Motodes 65cc


• 1st Liga interescuela por equipos Minimotos y Kawasaki
• 3rd Copa de España SM65
• 3rd Motodes SM65


• 1st Liga interescuela por equipos Minimotos
• 2nd Motodes Minimotos Pro


• 1st Liga interescuela por equipos Minimotos
• 3rd Cuna de Campeones Minimotos


• 1st Liga interescuela por equipos Minimotos