Selection Event Blog | Rory Skinner revels in learning new tracks

Rory Skinner - Perth, Scotland - 27/09/2001

Hi all,

My name is Rory Skinner, I am 13 years old and I am from Perth, Scotland.

I am really looking forward to the Selection Event and I can’t wait to get there.

I’ve never been to the Guadix circuit before but I like to learn new tracks and I enjoy a challenge. Most of the tracks I have raced at this year have been new to me so I’ve had to learn quickly.

Last weekend I won the 2014 Dunlop Aprilia Superteens Championship and I had only ridden one of the tracks before this year. I’m really happy to win the Championship and even better it was on my 13th birthday, so it was a double celebration!

A few weeks ago I was given the chance to ride at the Moriwaki 250 Junior Cup at the TT Circuit Assen. I had only played that track before on my Playstation, so I had to learn it in real life and in only three sessions. A podium finish made all that effort worthwhile.

I have also been mountain biking a lot over the summer which has been improving my stamina and fitness which I think will help me at the selection event.

I can’t wait to fly to the event with my Dad next week. It is during my October school break so I won’t miss any school while I am there.

See you there,

Rory Skinner

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