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Aleix Viu Cotolí

Aleix Viu Cotolí - Vilassar de Mar, Spain - 03/10/2000

Hi everyone,

I know that hard work pays off, and makes everything easier for me. I try to get good marks. I'm studying 3rd E.S.O. and I would like to become an industrial engineer to design engines and test bikes, a fascination that comes from when I first saw my father repair truck engines.

I live in a village near the sea, 25 kilometers from Barcelona. In my spare time I do a lot of sports: MTB, Gym, Swimming, Skiiing, Supermotard ... but my passion is to compete in motorcycle racing. But I also like to have fun with my friends and spending
time with them.

Having the opportunity to ride a KTM Moto3 is a dream to be realised.

Aleix #81

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