Blog | Zonta van den Goorbergh putting everything into Mugello and Barcelona

Zonta van den Goorbergh

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all well and enjoying the season! My last two races were Mugello and Barcelona.


Mugello was a completely new track for me, I struggled to find as good feeling in the two free practices and that led to a not so good pace in Qualifying. All in all it is a learning curve.


My qualifying wasn't anything to be too excited about, 22nd. The result of the race was better from 22nd on the grid and finishing 15th. I was happy with my one point as the result of a weekend I worked hard for!


From Mugello we went straight on to Barcelona for the ETC – another new track!


I wasn't where I wanted to be after Qualifying (21st I believe I was) so there was lots of work to do for the race!

And we are a week after the race and I still can't be happy looking back to it, I was in front of a group and, on the second to last lap, I was in front on the straight and 6 guys passed me.


During an overtaking manoeuvre in turn one I was hit and I lost two more places... That guy did receive a time penalty but that still did not help much with my 24th position where I could have been 18th...


It just wasn't smart to lead the pack with my longer gearing coming up on the straight! But whad'ya do?! I guess this is part or racing too!


After Mugello I had to shift my focus to school as the end of school year was coming up and there were still tests to do!


But that is now finished and after spending last weekend at my friend Timon's house with lots of online gaming and a trip to the fun fair, we are now changing the focus towards the next race; Assen!


They always do a pre-event press conference and I was asked to attend.


I am looking forward to Assen – it is my home race even though I spend more time on other tracks – and it will be great to race there! After Assen we will be on a full schedule with Sachsenring and Aragon, but at least there won't be any school for a while!

Hoping for a good result the coming races and showing progress on all aspects of racing!

See you at my home event!!


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