Blog | Walid Soppe in the top ten battle in Jerez

Walid Soppe

Hi guys,

I'm back home for a week now after my first Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup race in Jerez. I received a lot of nice messages and compliments about my first race, which I'm very proud of and thankful to the people who did.

On 30th of April we flew to Sevilla, Spain. On Friday we had two free practices, these were important practices so I got used to the KTM again. After that we had the qualifying practice and after a few laps I managed to get a 12th position on the starting grid.

On Saturday we had the first race and I was quite nervous before the start. The first laps were difficult and there became a big gap between the first and second group. I was in the second group, fighting for the 10th position.

It was a good fight with my mate Robert Schotman but at the end of the race I made a little mistake so I ended 11th.

For Race 2 the goal was to reach the first group so I could fight for a top ten. To reach that goal I had to go extremely fast into the first corner. The first few corners went very well and I was in the first group of eleven riders. I was able to compete for a top-10 position and I had an exciting race fighting with Marc Garcia.

At the end I finished 7th, I'm satisfied for this result in my first race weekend. I really want to thank the Red Bull guys for helping me a lot in Jerez. The next race is my home Grand Prix, the TT in Assen. Together with Sporttravel we are organising a special Holland Tribune so you can support the Dutch Red Bull MotoGP Rookies.

We hope to have a lot of support. For tickets see: http://www.ttcircuit-tickets.nl

Take care,


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