Blog | Walid Soppe getting ready for training and a charity event

Walid Soppe getting ready for training and a charity event

Hello everyone,

After the selection days of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup in Spain, I received a lot of congratulations on the achievement of the 2015 selection.

I was honoured for my performance this year in my hometown Coevorden. Also I was therefore much sought after for interviews by the media. But I had to go back to school, and in addition I train at the gym to prepare for next year.

In the winter I always train with the pocketbike on indoor tracks. With this, I started half way through November.

On November 23rd I go, with fellow motorcycle racing riders, to participate in the Mountain Competition in Varseveld. This is to raise money for Kanjers. That is an charity that collects money for children. Kids where you know that at home they almost never get something extra because there is hardly any money. A child who is chronically ill, kids with disabilities, children who for some reason can't live at home or can't have a regular childhood.

That makes me glad, because I like sports and I hope other children can do that also.


Walid Soppe

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