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Walid Soppe Jerez

Hi guys,

The first race in this year's Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup is done. I had a good feeling during the weekend. I felt I didn't have to push very hard to go fast and I was full of confidence towards the first race.

I qualified 11th because most of the time I was riding alone so I didn't have any benefit of a slipstream but as I said, in the race it's easier because you're in a group.

Despite some problems in the first race with the front I went very fast from 11th to second position. After the race I heard a lot of riders had the same problem. Because of that issue I decide to stay behind the group and to wait for the last two laps. With two laps to go I went for it and came up to fourth position.

The podium was nearby with one lap to go but in the last corner in the penultimate lap I made an highsider and the race was over. I had to make a very tight line because one rider was at the outside but it was too much for the rear tyre.

In the evening I had to go to the hospital for all the checks and to make pictures for internal checks.

It took a long time and we were back at the hotel at almost 12 o'clock in the night. Everything was okay so the next day we went to the circuit and I tried to prepare myself well for the second race.

Again I made a good start and came up to fifth. Unfortunately I lost the group in front because of some heavy fighting. I felt that I had a good chance to go for a good result because the bike felt much better than the day before so I had to get away from the following group.

In an attempt to do so I crashed in the hairpin at the end of the back straight. Huge disappointment for me.

Again I showed the speed but I leave Jerez with zero points. Very unlucky but we have to stay positive!

Take care,

Walid #13

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