Blog | Walid Soppe ends his season in the CEV

Walid Soppe

Hi guys,

The season is over. On November 20th I had my last race in the CEV championship with Dutch Racing Team. The weekend was going quite well and the lap times were okay. Unfortunately after a good start the coming champion Lorenzo Dalla Porta made a highsider and because I was at the outside I couldn't avoid him and crashed already in the second corner.

In the second race, the rider in front of me on the grid made a huge jump-start. Because of that I also made a little movement and the direction gave me a ride-through penalty. I was riding a good race and closed a gap to the group who fought for the points.

I had a big chance to take my first points of the season until I saw on the pitboard that I had to come in. I decided to continue my race because I was riding in a nice group. 8 laps before the end they showed me the black flag and the race was over.

It was my last race with Dutch Racing Team and I want to thank the guys for their support this season. Now we are working hard to get everything together for next season where we want to try to ride again, beside the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup, in the Junior World Championship.

During the winter period I prepare myself for 2017. Every weekend we going to ride on the minibike at indoor tracks to keep the feeling of speed. Together with my mate and former Rookies Cup rider Robert Schotman we also help young riders how to go fast and I really enjoy helping these kids.

Take care,

Walid #13

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