Blog | Victor Steeman with Misano and tutus on his mind

Victor Steeman

Hi there,

The last few races I was a bit unlucky, almost just like our Max in the Formula1, dealing with all kinds of problems and missing for me in particular valuable track time.

There is no need to explain everything in detail, but like always I come back stronger after these setbacks and was therefore happy with the top ten result in Brno.


Now I am more than ready to race and I know full sure my mechanic Joan has the bike ready for me and in top condition.

Next stop is Misano one of my favorite tracks, it is also cool that former 250 GP rider Hans Smees is accompany me in Italy, he is helping me with all kinds of things when I am training for the races at home, he is also a good mechanic but most of all he knows what is important in racing and teaching me the main things on and off the track.

You already know I am publishing also weekly blogs on the Zwarte Cross site, take a look at them too and those from my fellow athletes, there are also nice videos and photos to give you a nice impression.

After the exams this year I began (starting this week) studying on a new high school with a sports department, but also with a dance department. So I was used to meet football players and all kinds of sportsmen in the hallway, but girls in tutu (ballet skirts) are new to me...

Don't worry, I don't mind.

Wednesday we are flying to Bologna, cannot wait to get my hands on a big pizza.

Like a rocket in (to) Misano,


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