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Victor Steeman

Hi everyone,

I am a Rookie since October and you need to prepare yourself for the new season. Difficult if you are living in the Netherlands, because of the weather it is not always OK to train on a motorcycle and there are no circuits open yet. I hope I can soon ride the supermoto again that is owned by a supporter.

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You know you have to start with a good physical condition, every week sports are on the program twice, approx 30 km cycling to school and mountain biking to relax!

At school the race already started, with missing schooldays ahead, you need to get a good start/performance and concentrate on the entire race season.

The media is getting plenty of attention from me, I tell them about all my plans, they will follow me and write new articles for the newspaper.

Me being interviewed for Dutch Motorsport - http://www.dutchmotorsport.nl/interview/3950/

My website and FB page have been updated, finding sponsors is almost a job for me and PlayStation is helping me learning the tracks.

In other words, busy busy busy.

But I am ready to start the season and really looking forward to jump on a Moto3 for the first time.

See you soon,


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