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Simon Jespersen

Hello friends and fans!

I hope you had a wonderful time from Austria until now!


Austria was a very good weekend, but how it ended was not the way I want it to. The good thing is, that there are always new things I can improve and learn till next time. I'm so happy that I'm capable to see those problem that I need to fix and improve!


Misano is another level to unlock and get the most out of it as possible.

By the way! Actually, before I went to Austria I participated in the Ohvale 190cc European Championship on circuit Franciacorta in Italy. It was 3 very hard races to ride, and I ended up 2nd in the championship!

I arrived at the Track and I've never been there before, Ohvale delivered a bike to me straight from the factory. The guys I rode against was very small, and had all the good stuff on their bikes... overall, I'm very happy to end as 2nd, in front of many Italians and other nationalities.


After Austria my mom, dad and I went to our cottage and it was very nice! The plan was to go and play Paintball nearby, because ever since I was 12 years old, I couldn't play because the minimum age limit was 16 years old.

Now I'm 17 and still I haven't tried Paintball, because we needed to be 6 people to play... But! Instead, my dad and I went for a shooting range and shot some bullets! I did really well as it was my first time. But still my dad bested me.


From my house to my cottage, there is about 1 hour and 30 minutes... we took our two dogs with us, and as my dad got tired while driving, he let my dog (Batman) take over the steering wheel!

Now we're home again, heading out to the dirt to train some MX !! That's what I love and its super fun to ride, especially when you just got some new MX goggles from Oakley and a new sticker outfit for the bike from SOS Racing Parts!!


After MX I really miss the asphalt, so we decided to go and ride my CBR 600, Supermoto and NSF100! Mostly the CBR 600 because the 25th and 26th, I'm going to participate in the Danish Championship!

Riding through cones and going from left to right really helps a lot on my corner skills and also my focus and concentration.


Wishing Adrian Huertas a good recovery!

Remember to take care and I'll see you guys on the next one!

Simon Jespersen #5

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