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Sean Kelly Sachsenring

Hey everyone!

This weekend I'm finally getting back on my KTM after a hard-worked summer break! The 4th weekend of the 2017 Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup is starting tomorrow!

The last 2 race weekends of the Rookies Cup were extremely important to me. I unfortunately had some crashes and mentally blocked myself, losing my main objectives, losing my confidence, and not being able to give my best. These are situations that all World Champions have been through, and we know that all situations have a solution.

I, together with my parents, have been working harder than ever to turn this moment around and get back even stronger than before. I mentally, physically, and technically know I'm prepared to win.

Working with my coaches, going to my crossfit gym, dirt riding, and going on the big tracks with my 600 were the most important points to reach the feeling I have now.

I'm excited to get back on track this weekend at Brno! Another long, fast, and amazing track!

I want to give a huge thank you to the RBRC for all of the support throughout this time. My sponsors for always having my backs and helping me push forward! Of course to all of my followers for believing in me and last but not least my family!

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