Blog | Sean Kelly enjoyed his preseason test

Sean Kelly Aragon Test

Hey everyone!

We have finished our official Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup preseason test at Aragon! First off it was great seeing the whole RBRC Staff after a long "break" and meeting all of the new Rookies.

Our test first consisted of 2 days trying out our new Alpinestars gear, Schuberth Helmets, setting up our KTMs, photo shooting, videos for media, etc... we then started the action with 3 days of riding on our moto3 bikes.

We had the opportunity to ride in both wet and dry conditions, which is great as this was "just testing" and that lets us have a good look towards the season in case we run into the rain!

Overall we finished the 3 days of riding with good sensations. We had lots of work we went through with the bike and track but it paid off at the end. Most importantly I have much more confidence and I am feeling comfortable with the KTM. It was good to maintain in the top 10 throughout sessions in Day 2 and 3, including the race simulation.

Now we have just under a month to prepare for our first RBRC race weekend at Jerez! I am looking forward to improving from this point forward throughout the season! I want to give a big thank you to the Rookies Cup staff, team, and their partners for this opportunity and hard work. Of course a big thank you to all of my supporters and my sponsors for this 2017 season!


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