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Scott Ogden

Hi guys,

I hope you're all good.

With only a week until the first test I thought I'd let you know what I've been doing leading up to it.

It's been a crazy few weeks since my last blog. At the end of last season I joined the Aspar Junior Team and it has given me so many opportunities to do some really cool and productive things.


I've had many training camps riding kart tracks with Nico Terol, 2011 125cc World Champion, and my team mates, who are also in the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies cup. They were at the front last year so it gives me a good indication of the level needed to reach the top and they are really helping me come on as a rider and trying to teach me a little Spanish, which is a challenging language to learn.


I also got to visit the Aspar museum. It consisted of bikes from Jorge Martinez 'Aspar' days of riding to most recently Jake Dixon's KTM Moto2. My favourite bike was probably Nico's championship winning bike, with the number 1 on the front, since being a young child, it has always been my aspiration to place a number 1 on my bike so it's really stood out to me when I saw it.

See you all in Portugal next week,

Scott #19

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