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Sasha De Vits

Hello Everybody,

I hope that most of you are enjoying some holidays during this period. I certainly am, because in Belgium we have 2 months of summer holidays! Work hard and play hard during this period...


Between Sachsenring and the CEV race in Aragon I went with my dad and little brother to Europapark in Germany.


Lots of rollercoasters there! A whole other feeling of speed!


After this holiday it was back to work. The Moto3 race of the CEV in Aragon.


A weekend to quickly forget with lots of crashes and the race was already over before it began... but also that is racing...


At this very moment I am again training in Spain to become better and stronger. I already went 2 times these last 2 months! Always preparing for the next races...

And this weekend is the race at Red Bull Ring. I love this track and its surroundings.

It is a special place to race.

See you there,


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