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Sasha De Vits

Hello you all,

Last race was in Assen, not so far for me in Belgium. It was an excellent weekend and it didn't rain, which is a bit of an exception there.


Although I hadn't qualified well, I could finish the races with a P11 and a P7. I'm coming closer and improving a lot during the races. Just those qualifications, those are a pain in the ass for me.


I'm working hard to try to improve this because it is really hard to get to the front in the race if you qualified at the back... I qualified P17 and the first 19 riders where within a second from P1!


I would like to thank to all of the people who came looking at my races, there were lots of Belgian and Dutch fans! Thank you all!!!


After Assen I went training to Spain. I stayed there a whole week and could train with lots of bikes. It was really fun and I learned a lot. Rider Park is great!


For the moment I am at home, but only for 2 days, then I am off to Sachsenring. But first a stop in Maagdenburg at the Schuberth factory for a visit. I did this already once last year and it was impressive! What a factory...


Thanks for reading and see you next time!




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