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Sasha De Vits

Hello everybody,

The race weekend in Misano was great, although the qualification was again not good "P21" but I was able to give it all at the race itself.


I felt really confident and little by little I could take 11 places in the race? The race feeling was excellent and I really enjoyed myself, with a 10th place as final result!

My grandmother and aunt were also present that weekend to come and see me race, their first time this year and this at the Misano GP, they tasted and enjoyed the "Misano" experience?


Back home I went to a nutrition coach, because what I eat and when, has an enormous impact in condition and recuperation.

I know now what is the best to eat before and after the race or training, which nutrition gives me the most energy, which vitamins and minerals I was missing and lots of other stuff.


It is also important for me outside the races and trainings because I go to a sport school where I have 5 hours per day sports and in the evening I do a supplementary recuperation training.

Finding the right balance in nutrition, exercise and rest keeps me in excellent form and has to help to ride good races.


Now I'm of towards the final round of the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup in Aragon. I am feeling confident and I'm looking forward to race!



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