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Ryusei Yamanaka

Hi everyone,

I was racing at Suzuka circuit, it was my first time with 600cc. In qualifying my position was 4th.

In free practice my feeling wasn't so good. But step by step, I was improving the lap time and feeling with the bike. In qualifying I wanted better lap time but I couldn't push more.

In the race I made a big mistake in starting due to clutch take up. After my big mistake I lost a lot of positions, down to 10th. By the time I got back up to my starting position I lost 2 laps.

By then the front group was so far, if I could make better lap time I could catch them. But I couldn't improve my lap time. Then I finished 4th.

The next race is my first time in Mugello. In Jerez it was so regrettable, so I concentrate on learning as fast as possible on the circuit how to go fast.

Then I hope to win,


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