Blog | Ryusei Yamanaka fighting at the front in Mugello

Ryusei Yamanaka

Hi Everyone,

In QP I was 10th, in the Race I was 9th.

I had not ridden on the track before so in Free Practice I first found how I can ride on this circuit.

So I had a good feeling from FP1. I felt that I very much enjoyed the track and the difficult corners. Because in this track you have many high speed corners but you can't see through each corner as some have a blind entry.

For the Qualifying I wanted a better lap time in the final attack. But my track position was not good so i couldn't ride at the maximum.

In the race, I didn't have the right sprocket. It was difficult to battle. But I have many things to think over for myself. It is so regrettable.

I must do more training and also learn about my bike.

Next race is All Japan Championship riding in the GP3 class.

Then I want to make progress racing in Assen .

Thanks a lot for your support

It is possible to look my Instagram http://instagram.com/ryusei_yamanaka12

Twitter is https://twitter.com/@yamanaka_ryusei

See you soon,


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