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Rufino Florido Jerez

Hi everyone!!

I was a lot of time without writing to you, but I am here once more with a blog full of new things, I hope that you can enjoy it a lot!!

The first thing that I want to tell you is about how was my weekend in Jerez (Spain) at the first race of the championship, it was a special weekend for me because this is my home race and for this I usually get more nervous and with more pressure. I felt this in the first practice only, in the other practice and the qualy and also in the races I was very very focused on having fun with my mates and my motorbike and to do all I can.

This helped me a lot and so I can make 2 very good races, having all under control. But in the 2 races I have the same problem, in the last lap I push too hard and I made some mistakes because of this.

Anyway I made my first podium in the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup. I'm very happy for this but for sure it's just the start and more podiums will come soon. For the next race in Assen, we'll see if this will happen!!

The second thing that I want to tell you is that in these days that I can't write to all of you are because I lost a lot of school days and I need to do a lot of homework and exams and also train all the days. Now I'm finishing this grade and for sure that I will write to all of you more often. I will take a lot of clips with my new GoPro that the guys of GoPro presented to me, you can see in my social networks like Instagram (@rufinoflorido19) Facebook (Rufino19) or Twitter (@rufinoflorido19)

The third thing to tell to you is how I was training these days. I'm focusing my training to have a better physical condition and trying new things in my riding style. These trainings were with my bike, it´s a TM 450 SM. I'm trying to do very long runs for better my physical condition and I'm feeling better each day. I'm totally ready for Assen and I really waiting for it because I feel that I improved a lot. So I am waiting to show all of you what I really can do!!

The last thing is about the loss of Luis Salom, I only want to say that Luis was one of my favourite riders, not only on the track also out of the track being a very good person. #forever39

See you soon all of you and thanks for reading my blog


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