Blog | Rufino Florido at speed but unlucky in Misano

Rufino Florido Misano

Hi everyone!

This is my blog of the Misano race, sorry for being late but I'm very busy with the start of the school... But now all is ready for Motorland, I'm ready for the last race

The first day in Misano was good: In the first free practice I was OK and enjoying the new track, in the second free practice I start the feel the bike and I did the last settings for the qualifying, in the qualifying all went well but I couldn't follow any fast riders... I had a good feeling for the race!

The second day in Misano was a disaster, I made a very good start but in the second corner I touched another rider and for this I am in the 22nd position. I overtook a lot of riders and when I'm taking the next group in the 4th corner I crashed, yes another crash...

I'm totally disappointed with myself but now I can't regret, I need to stay cool for the last race and enjoy this race... I'm really focused in this weekend and I hope that I can enjoy this weekend... See you in Aragon!


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