Blog | Rufino Florido scooter racing to stay in the groove

Florido Sánchez scooter racing

Hello everyone!

These last months of October and November have been very excited knowing that I would be a Red Bull Rookies Cup Rider!! Being selected was one of the best experiences of my life.

Every morning I walk to school on the seafront because the view is impressive, then I study for my final test. Later, at home, I eat and quickly get ready to do sport. Then I go out and have fun with my friend, but on weekends I stay every minute possible with my motorcycle, since I can only be with it on weekends and it's what most helps me forget my problems.

Two week ago, I ran a CAV (Andalusian championship of speed) event in the Málaga circuit with a scooter. These motorcycles are very fun and fast. See the picture of this race, I'm the pole man



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