Blog | Rufino Florido learning to do it in the dirt with some hot opposition

Rufino Florido learning to do it in the dirt

Hi everyone,

Three weeks ago I went to train at a karting track with a yamaha 450 supermotard with Marcos Ramirez and Alejandro Medina. It was fun and I learnt a lot, but my bike broke and I couldn't finish the workout.

The past week we were with the same riders to train in a circuit of dirt-track and also we had fun. It was my first time though and I was not very fast, also at first I was falling much..., but I'm getting better! The next time I'll be faster!

I spent the X-mas with my family and friends. With my family I went to the pasture and have eaten a lot... With my friend I played football and games. I hope you all had a Great X-mas as well as I.

Happy new year to all!!


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