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Rufino Florido Aragon

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the late but I have to do a lot of homework and exams... I'm going to tell you how was the weekend in Aragon.

The first day: I had very good feeling for this race because this race was in Spain, the first free practice was very good and I finished in 3rd position. The second free practice didn't go well because I did some changes in the settings and I couldn't improve. In the qualifying I finish 10th improving by 1.5 sec, I had very good feelings for the race and I knew that I could stay in the leading group.

The second day: In the race I made a very good start and I was fighting for the 1st position but there was a red flag and we made a restart of the race. In this race I start well too but my pace wasn't is the same as the first start and I made 5th in a very hard fought race.

The third day: The 3rd day start went very very well because the Red Bull Rookies Cup staff told me that I'm in the Rookies Cup the next year! In the second race I didn't have a lot of pressure, my start was perfect and I stayed fighting in the leading group but I only could finish 7th because I had a touch in the last lap.

I'm looking for start the next year but now I'm going to be ready in the pre-season!! I'm ready for the next year... See you soon!


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