Blog | Rufino Florido getting into the groove in Race 2 at Brno

Rufino Florido

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the late of the blog but I have a week full of hard work! In this blog I have to tell you how was my weekend in Brno.

The first day didn't go well, I didn't feel very good with the bike... In the first practice I tried to find the correct line but this was very difficult because the track was very bumpy... In the second practice I tried to do a good lap but I had a lot of riders slow In front of me.

In the qualifying I pushed very hard but in the last lap 6 riders overtook me and my position was 17th, I feel that I could come back but this was difficult because I would start too far back.

In the first race I did a good start but I could not take the first group and all the race was a constant fight for the 10th position but in the last lap I do a mistake and in a corner I went long, very long and I finished 16th

In the second race I did another good start and in this time I caught the first group. I felt very good and with a very good rhythm and I was still fighting for the leading positions. But in the 3 last laps I made a mistake and I lost the group, finishing in 8th place

I was a good weekend with very good feeling for the Silverstone race... I hope that we can see there!



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