Blog | Rufino Florido fast but out of luck at the Sachsenring

Rufino Florido

Hi everyone!

In this blog I'm going to tell you what happen the last weekend in Sachsenring...

The first day was good because I felt very good with the bike and I adapted very well to the circuit. In the first practice I made 11th, in the second practice I made 3rd and in the qualifying I was 6th. I was very fast and I had a really good pace and I was thinking for the race in stay in the leading group and make minimum a podium...

In the second day I was really focused on doing a very good race, my start was good and didn't lose many positions. I felt very good with the motorbike and I tried not to lose any position in the leading group.

I felt I had the pace to win the race but I was pushing very harder and did a high-side on the 4 lap in the last corner... I was very disappointed with myself and I thought that could repair this in the second race...

On the third day I was thinking to repair the mistake of the first race and I was very focused not to risk in the first lap and take risk in the last lap... I made a very good start but in the second corner without making any strange movement I lost the front wheel... In this moment I felt really bad because I lost two very good possibilities to do good races but this weekend the luck wasn't on my side...

I'm very disappointed with myself for the race but now I'm good and I take only the good things from this weekend! I was very fast and I'm learning from the bad things of the weekend. I'm sure that in Brno I will make a good weekend... Now I'm training a lot because I don't want to have the same feeling as this last weekend!

I hope that you enjoy this blog!!

See you in Brno!


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