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Rory Skinner

Hi everyone,

When I arrived at the Jerez circuit for the Pre Season Test I was really excited to meet the Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup team and all the other riders. On the first day we were given our Alpinestars Rookies Cup clothing, leathers and boots which were awesome and really comfortable to wear.

The first day of riding the KTM RC 250R was great, I had to run in the new engine but this was good for me as it gave me a great opportunity to learn the track as I had never been to Jerez before.

On the second day of riding the bike I feel I improved lots and I had more confidence than the first day so my times were faster.

On the third and final day of riding we practised some race start procedures which went well. Finally we had an 18 lap race simulation. I was passed by some faster riders so I observed what they were doing and I learned a few little things that earned me some time during the lap. I was then able to get into a group and have really good battles with the other riders and by the end my lap time was only 1.3 seconds slower than the fastest lap time in the simulation.

Can't wait now for the first round in Jerez this coming weekend!

See you,

Rory #69

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