Blog | Raúl Fernández on the podium in Brno and blue hair

Hello everybody,

I would like to tell you about my experience in Brno.

Since the moment I went with my father for a sighting lap, I knew that I could do it well. I psyched myself up and I was mentally prepared.

I arrived on Friday and thanks to Gustl Auinger and Dani Ribalta I learned the hardest braking points of the circuit.

When I started with the FP1 we had to try the motorbikes and I got to know the feeling and the layout of the circuit. In the FP2 I started with a great attitude, alone and at my own rhythm, achieving the seventh place.

When we got to the QF I tried to do better than in FP2, but I didn't manage it and I got the eighth place. I was happy but I knew that during the race I had to fight with Fabio and Bo, who are ahead, and with the rest of the participants because we are all highly motivated.

In the first race I went for the podium, I tried not to lose anything to the first group, but I didn't manage it and I had to fight with Oscar and Marc for the third place. I was happy to achieve it.

In the second race I went for the first place, I didn't want to get even second or third. In the last lap and in the last corner I was first bet I touched Boulom and I dropped to the seventh position.

I am very grateful to my team for helping me to constantly surpass myself, to my family and especially to my dad, mechanic assistant, friend and mate.

My father decided that if I mounted the podium, his hair would be dyed blue. I send you the proof, lol !!

We'll see in Silverstone.

Mucho gas!!!!!

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