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Peetu Paavilainen

Hi Everyone,

My off season have been great so far. I've been riding a lot and working hard for the next season.

Racing on ice

Mostly I have ridden ice roadracing and motocross, but also a little bit of mini supermoto. Also of course I go training to the gym about 4 times per week. My school is going very well too. I'm now in vocational college and I'm studying for electronics assembler.

Racing on tarmac

And we have an athletic academy in our school so we can mix sport and school together. In that academy we have two morning practices per week which are usually cross-fit. Also I can get much easier holidays from school for racing.

Surviving the dirt!

I also play some ball games like badminton, squash and tennis which are so much fun.

My goal for the next season is definitely to win the Red Bull Rookies Cup and the European Talent Cup.

See you soon,

Peetu Paavilainen

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