Blog | Peetu Paavilainen back in action and super keen

Hi Everyone,

It's good to be back again.

My ankle is almost fully OK and I'm ready to get back to track. I was super mad at myself after that traffic accident because I missed two races again but there is nothing to do about it anymore.

It was long long waiting with a broken ankle and now I haven't been able to do any tests and I have to go straight to race weekend after a one and half month break.

I have trained every way I can, but I haven't ridden even a metre so it will be hard. I had good run in Assen and Sachsenring and I hope I can continue from that. The KTM is still little bit stranger for me but it's getting better all the time. Also Misano track is completely new to me so this will be hard weekend.

But I'll hope that everything is going well. And because the Rookies Cup crew is this good I think I'll be shortly at the same point where I was.

B.R Peetu

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