Blog | Peetu Paavilainen - Assen was OK but I know that I can do much better

Peetu Paavilainen

Hi Everyone,

Not a very easy weekend for me. Free practises and qualifying were OK and I started from 9th position. We changed the set-up a little bit for the first race but it went in a horrible direction.


The bike didn't want to brake or turn like I wanted to and I dropped down a lot and I finished 19th.

We changed the set-up back to where it was for the second race. My first three laps were awful and I dropped again. I then gained few positions and many guys crashed in front of me and I finished 6th.


I was happy for the good position but a little bit disappointed because it was pure luck. I know that I can do much better and I'm now 110% focused on Sachsenring.

B.R Peetu

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