Blog | Pedro Acosta takes win 3 in Misano

Pedro Acosta

Hi readers,

This time I come to talk to you about the incredible weekend in Misano.


When we did the track walk I knew it could be a good weekend for me.

Let's start... In FP1 I had a lot of grip problems but working with the Red Bull Rookies Cup team I was able to get a good setting for the rest of the race weekend.


In the FP2 I preferred to ride alone since it was at the same time as the Saturday race and I did so with a very good feeling. That left me with a great desire for the QP but a fall in lap 3 left me with no chance to get a good position on the grid.


In the race, since I was starting P9, my plan was the same as in all races, go ahead to the riders calmly and in the last laps push. So I could and was able to win the race.


I am very happy with the result of this weekend since it was my third victory of the year and to be able to finish the year with my home run in Spain.


I want to thank the entire Red Bull Rookies Cup team (Santi, Roma, Dani, Xavi, Alfonso, etc.) for their work and support, my assistant Paco and his school, Pakote Racing School, my family especially Maria Luisa, Javi Martinez for all her apollo and all the people who help me be calm before the races.


See you in Aragon,


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