Blog | Patrik Pulkkinen at the show and a professional referee

Patrik Pulkkinen

Hello everyone,

Regards from snowy Finland.

I've been playing ice hockey and training my condition for next season.

I also was snowboarding but it didn't end well. I crashed and hurt my butt, hand and I got black eye, but I´m ok.

This weekend I was at a motorcycle fair. There I saw Finnish riders, new bikes and displays.

At school I have to start work training for 1 week.

I'm going to work with the Finnish motorcycle federation for 1 week in March. It will be interesting to see what happens in the federation.

I also start moped school, because when we get to 15 in Finland and if we want to ride moped we have to complete a moped school to get a moped license for driving on the roads.

Tomorrow I go to be a referee for the first time of hockey for young players. I also get some pocket money from doing it.

I can't wait for the end of March to start the season with the Red Bull Rookies Cup.

See you soon,


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