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Oscar saying it all in print

Hiiii guys!!

This week I had an interview to talk about these 2 very important years in the Rookies Cup. The last year was a little bit strange with the crashes in wet conditions and I needed to use my head.

From the first race in Jerez I did a very bad thing, I only wanted to go faster than all the riders with more experience like Martin, Pagliani, Manzi, Mir, etc. and on lap number 3 I crashed in the second corner.

From this moment I learned to use the head, step by step and in the second race I wanted to take points and not crash. This was the most important thing to do in the second race and it was on this theme that I wanted to explain things to the newspaper.

Thanks to the fastest riders I learned more quickly where were the points to brake, the lines and many other things.

Now, that all the Christmas things have finished I will start chool with extra power because in 3 months we start the tests in Jerez!

I had to do a bit of homework, it's tooooo boring but for the other part I want to start the school to see my friends and enjoy time with them.

See you soon people!


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