Blog | Oscar in the hunt for the podium places in Silverstone | 2014

Oscar Gutierrez

Good morning to everyone!!

Last weekend, we raced at Silverstone, the longest track of the championship.

I arrived at Silverstone highly motivated and from the first Free Practice, I did not know the track and I rolled with Soushi for the early laps, but then I wanted to ride alone, to see how was going the bike.

The second Free Practice, I only did one lap because then it was raining and I decided to stop, change the tires and ride with wets in case that the QP was in wet condition.

In the QP, at the beginning I wanted to go fast because it was very possible that the rain would come and I went fast from the beginning. But as always, I like to do the time with the spent tyres and I made 4th at the end of the QP.

The first race was a beautiful race, we started the first part but later, at 9 laps to go, it started to rain and they stopped the race. The second part, was just 5 laps, from the beginning I decided to be with Jorge on the top. He was the fastest man of the weekend and finally, we were passing us until the last laps, finally at 3 laps to go, entering the chicane, the bike bounced a lot and I went too wide, I lost the possibilities to be in the top 3. At the end, I just wanted to finish the race and learn one more step.

The second race, was too difficult because I made a horrible start then at the first corner, I tried to push and pass all the riders that in QP were behind me. From the first lap, I was with the front group and as the laps were passing, three riders started to push and later, I saw that these riders were going a little bit faster, so I passed Pagliani and Ray. But I do not know why, in the middle of the curve the bike took two gears and I went wide and unfortunately I fell and my bike it Toprak.

Have a good day,


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