Blog | Omar Bonoli working hard and dreaming, slow only in English

Omar Bonoli working hard and dreaming

Hello friends!

During this time of year, the school expects very much of us: many hours of lesson, much homework… for this reason, I have the sensation of being a full time student J

My mind is always focused on the 2015 season. Always! Every night, before sleep, I dream with open eyes of my Red Bull Rookies Cup bike and me on the track: time passes while I look at the wall. Eventually, I fall asleep.

The first thing, as soon as I get up, is to check my email to see if Wiki wrote to me. Difficult for me to understand and reply; harder than doing my homework.

I want to take advantage to this moment to tell Wiki that I’m not sluggish to answer… I’m just slow.

But attention my friends: I’m slow just to write in English!!! J

See you soon,


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