Blog | Omar Bonoli watches Dani win and can't wait

Omar Bonoli

Hi Everyone,

I started the school already doing the countdown at the start of the new Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup 2016 season but these 4 months have to pass quickly if I study and I make my training every day.

I continue to live the races following the MotoGP and while people are speaking about Vale and Marc, I'm very happy for Pedrosa, who won a race for his first time this year.

Bikes are our life and we must admit that to arrive at the top of the podium is a satisfaction that every rider want to share with the world... So, good job Dani! I'm happy to see you there and if some Italians fans are distracted by other things, you must know that you have all my attention and respect.

Dear my Rookies friends, my count down is still long: I have 5 months to dream of my 2016 season.


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