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Omar Bonoli

Hi Rookies,

How much do you weigh after the Christmas holiday? For you that's not a problem but for me this is a bad topic.

If I eat one gram more of food, the day after i weigh one kilo more.... So, this is a reason more to make training, training, training.

Training for me is supermotard and motocross. Every week-end I take my bikes and I go to different circuits to improve my results on 2 wheels. More than this, I go to gym every day and I hope to be very well trained for the 2016 season: my goal is to be in the first group of the race.

There is even the school... Having good scores means to be authorised to go to the championship races with the support of my teachers... they always say to me: 'Omar, if you want our moral support for your racing, you must to get good results at school...'. For the moment they are my fans....

See you very soon guys!!!

Omar 20

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