Blog | Omar Bonoli has broadened his world and his mind with Rookies Cup


Hello to everybody,

I'm happy to tell you that, thanks to the Red Bull Rookies Cup, I have many friends Who come from all the world....

Exactly one year ago, the friend that I know that comes from far away, was a child who lives in Sicily. He was e minibike rider and every time that I saw him at the races, I thought that he was like a Martian: 800 km were like on the other side of the world for me.
Thanks to Red Bull Rookies Cup, today, eight hundred kilometres is a very short distance.

It's appropriate to say that Red Bull Rookies Cup changed the life of our young rider, the mentality, the capacity of analysis and also the personality.

... Be ready new Rookies! Your life will change for the better, not just us rider but overall. It' will seem hard at the first but this is the most beautiful way that it can happen.

I will continue to make my daily training meanwhile, I wish you a Marry Christmas.

To Peter and all those in the Red Bull Rookies Cup, to old and new Rookies, to my friends close or far:

Happy New Year.

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