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Omar Bonoli Sachsenring

Hello to everybody,

How are the holidays? I'm lucky because I live in a place very close to the sea ... therefore, for me the difference is just the climate.

I'm always training with Supermotard bike: I want to arrive to Brno in great shape. If the track of the Czech Republic is beautiful like Sachsenring circuit, I hope to improve myself further.

In Germany I have reached the twelfth position (my best result in the championship), so to be better means to point to the top ten.

Many people will think that for me it is a goal too ambitious but I'm working very hard for to reach my goal.

It will be important to start up front and try to stay "attached" to the faster guys to understand where they put the wheels, the correct trajectories and the correct shifts for each corner.

I will do my best. I promise.

See you soon,


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